Singapore Decides to Allow Casinos

The Singapore government announced recently that it would allow a number of casinos to be built on its territory. This is the first that Singapore has seriously considered building such casinos. It is estimated that this is because in the past few years a slump has fallen on the Singapore tourist industry, and that these casinos would bring a new influx of tourists. The four decade ban upon gambling in casinos was lifted recently by Lee Hsien, as a result of this.
However, it appears that many local groups in Singapore oppose the building of the new casinos, as they say that it will encourage prostitution, drugs and crime. However, the process is set to begin and already a number of international groups, among them MGM and others. While the concerns of the conservative groups in Singapore may be founded on the history of Las Vegas, which was once considered a crime capital. However, as to the casinos themselves, this is no longer the case, and it is families that make up most of the tourists that come to Las Vegas nowadays. While this may not be true as to the Singapore casinos, there is no doubt that with the right guidance and restrictions, the casinos will help increase the number of tourists that come to Singapore.

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